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It’s not rude, it’s the Zipper Merge

Ars Technica, a few years back: Which lane should a driver pick in this scenario? Steer to the left as soon as you see a closure notice and you’ll almost certainly go slower; stay in the right and you’ll catch stink-eye, honks, and even swerving drivers. Everyone is upset that you’re about to essentially cut […]

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Zipper merge people. Zipper merge. In light of the fatal car crash that closed I-40 this morning, there were two lanes backed up over a mile, but my delay was less than five minutes… e capisce? Of course, I friggin’ love that almost no one else embraces the zipper merge! Source:

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Spotted at the grocery store… wow! #film #camera Source:

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“Sick deck, brah. Although if it was me, I’d double up on the grip tape on my topsheet so I don’t slam when I go sketchy on a nose grind.” — John Oliver, Last Week Tonight 4/22/2018 Source:

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“It’s hard not to like BattleBots.” Indeed. Wired: THE TERRIFYING TECHNOLOGICAL TACTICS BEHIND BATTLEBOTS Source:

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“Not all my friends are atheists, but all my friends can take a joke.” — Penn Jillette, Presto! (Simon & Schuster, 2016) p.196. Source:

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Farewell, AirPort… dammit!

AppleInsider: After over a year on life support, Apple’s AirPort base stations are lurching to a final end. AppleInsider is waxing nostalgic about it, and we aren’t very happy. Nor am I. I have an AirPort Extreme and two AirPort Express “extenders.” Truth be told, I’ve been looking to replace them lately, but I’ve secretly […]

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“No one questions if beef has protein, and yet they probably don’t recall in the same thought that cows eat grass.” —Julieanna Hever & Ray Cronise, Plant-Based Nutrition, 2d.Ed. (DK Publishing, 2018) p.16. Source:

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Wall Street Journal: Google collects more data than Facebook, so why aren’t we talking about it? Good question. Source:

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Remembering Prince

Two years ago today, we lost Prince. The New Yorker’s piece from two years ago is still one of the best “memorials”: Miles Davis, in his autobiography, compared Prince to Duke Ellington; one might be tempted to add Miles himself to that comparison. When we discuss artists so transcendently brilliant and impossibly prolific, their rarities […]

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