My thoughts on Season 2 of Top Shot

Great show–really–great show. Season 2, however, was just not as great as Season 1, for the reasons I’ve previously stated:

The first season of Top Shot was predominantly about skill and performance; very competition-like. The second season has seen personality become a much more significant factor […]

Season 2 also ended on a rather disingenuous note; I can’t decide whether George is a damned liar (and not a very convincing one at that), just plain stupid, or simply lacking the aggressiveness he seems to have boasted about all season long. It’s pretty clear that George and his buddies were intent on “fixing” the competition from the get-go, however, so really the distinction is merely an academic one.

Personally, I’d have been more interested in seeing a genuine competition based on skill. Oh well, there’s always Season 3…

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