Remembering the great Steve McNair 10 years after his tragic death

Jim Wyatt at

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Ten years after his tragic death, quarterback Steve McNair remains in the minds of Titans fans, especially on this day.

Indeed. As always, the 4th of July is bittersweet for a Titans fan: while I revel in the memory of Steve “Air” McNair’s amazing performances, I still shake my head in bewilderment at a life taken far too soon.

Saturday 1st of June 2019

Working a little in my home office this morning and just got a phone call—I don’t think I’ve ever before had a phone call ring simultaneously on my iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini. Wow!


Washington Post: Trump’s prized Doral resort is in steep decline, according to company documents, showing his business problems are mounting

David A. Fahrenthold and Jonathan O’Connell:

The troubles at Trump Doral — detailed here for the first time, based on documents and video obtained under Florida’s public-records law — suggest the Trump Organization’s problems are bigger than previously known. This is also the first known case in which a Trump Organization representative has publicly acknowledged the president’s name has hurt business.

The decline at Doral is especially significant because the resort had seemed better insulated from political backlash than other Trump properties, protected by its place in golf’s history, by its recent renovations, and by its location in a booming state that Trump won in 2016.

It wasn’t.

Reason Roundup: White House Seeks Social Media Sob Stories from Conservative Snowflakes

Elizabeth Nolan Brown at

Was someone mean to you on Twitter? The White House wants to know about it. As of Wednesday, a new tool on the White House website allows visitors to report suspected “political bias” from social media companies. “Too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear ‘violations’ of user policies,” the site says.


The White House is portraying the initiative as an effort to defend free speech.

Its tempting to merely laugh at this sort of absurdity, to gawk at the blubbering fools who spent years ranting about easily-triggered liberal “snowflakes” only to literally make it a federal matter when their Facebook account gets suspended. And sure, the self-owning MAGAservative chorus of “No one liked my tweet, I must be shadowbanned!” is a special delicacy.


The saddest part is that so many Republicans are proving themselves willing to go along with it, out of ignorance or convenience or both. They’ll throw away the whole open internet, their own First Amendment freedoms, and everyone else’s because, by golly, they want those anti-speech snowflakes on the left to see conservatives’ sick AOC memes in their timelines one way or other.

Wednesday 8th of May 2019

Surprise: A viral study is junk science. No, 13 Reasons Why Is Not Making Tons of Teens Commit Suicide “Unfortunately, the study is bunk. […] The problems are myriad.”


Remembering the Great Nashville Flood of 2010

Nine years ago today began what has come to be known as “the Great Nashville Flood,” an unexpected weather event which the Army Corps of Engineers described as a “1000-year flood.” In Nashville, the city saw over 13 inches of rain in 36 hours, and the two-day rain totals were nearly 20 inches — more than double the city’s previous 48-hour total.

In the days following those events of 2010, I was quite taken — as were many Middle Tennesseans — with the words so eloquently written by Patten Fuqua at the Section 303 website in a post tited, “We Are Nashville”. (linked above)

Each May 1st since, I’ve taken the opportunity to re-read that powerful post, and hopefully some of you will too.

Measles Case Confirmed in Tennessee, Risk Grows

The Lebanon Democrat:

Dr. Tim Jones, the state’s epidemiologist, said even with just one known measles case, the Tennessee Health Department is taking a proactive approach to curtail the spread of the highly contagious, airborne disease.

“So far, we’ve only identified one case,” he said. “I will say that I will be shocked if we don’t see more. “Measles is one of the most contagious diseases that we deal with. Personally, I’m almost certain we will see additional cases fairly soon.” People recently infected with measles may not show symptoms, but still can transmit the virus for nearly a week before a rash appears on the face and body.

People, for fuck’s sake: vaccinate your children.

Let me say that again: VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN.

There is NO LINK — WHAT-SO-FUCKING-EVER — between vaccines and autism. Period. End of story. 20+ years of studies have found nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. No connection.

My wife and I vaccinated both of our children with each vaccine recommended, and on the schedule recommended, by our pediatrician, so I’m not suggesting anyone else do something I haven’t done myself.

Now, I actually had the measles as a child forty years ago, before there was a vaccine for it, and I can tell you from personal experience that, even without the prospect of your child DYING from a very preventable disease which was declared “erradicated” in the United States nearly TWO DECADES AGO, you simply don’t want anyone you love to contract it. I wouldn’t wish the measles on anyone — not anyone.

Go on, vaccinate your kids, and not just against the measles.

Trump tweets about the NFL Draft

OpEd: Meet the Press? Don’t Bother

Michelle Cottle, writing in the paper of record:

Conducting daily briefings was once a core function of the press secretary. The White House put its spin on the news of the day; reporters pushed for more information or clarification. Somewhere in all the give-and-take, the public interest was served.

Under President Trump, such sessions have all but vanished. Since the first of the year, Ms. Sanders has held two formal briefings. She has also developed a frustrating reputation for not responding to media inquiries in general. […]

In Ms. Sanders’s case, the growing lack of access is arguably less troubling than the lack of credibility — a problem highlighted in last Thursday’s release of the Mueller report.

Sunday 21st of April 2019

Remembering Prince Rogers Nelson 6.7.58 — 4.21.16 #prince #purplerain #purplereign