Top Shot goes “reality”

I’m a big fan of the TV show Top Shot on the History Channel. My son and I watch every episode and we really enjoy the different challenges and weapons. But I must say that I don’t much care for the direction the show is taking.

The first season of Top Shot was predominantly about skill and performance; very competition-like. The second season has seen personality become a much more significant factor, culminating this week with Jamie and Jay (neither of whom turned in one of the worst two performances in the Individual Challenge) being sent to the Elimination Challenge.

Opinions vary, of course, but if I wanted to spend the little time I put aside for television watching a show about personality conflicts, I’d watch a soap opera or one of the ever increasing number of typical “Reality TV” shows*.

Unfortunately, Top Shot is becoming more “Reality TV”-like. In the first season, you routinely heard competitors making comments about how they wanted to compete against “the best”. This season, many of the remaining competitors have routinely made comments indicating that they’re more interested in simply competing against their friends. Perhaps a better show title for the second season would be “World’s Most Popular Marksman”.

yeah, in a minute…
* I don’t watch typical “Reality TV” shows because IMHO they usually have little to do with reality. I much prefer shows that have an actual basis in reality (e.g., Mythbusters) or where personalities remain a minimal or humorous aspect (e.g., Pawn Stars).
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