A Few Questions for Intuit from a Longtime User

A few questions for Intuit about their Quicken product(s):

  • Could we please–please–have a new Quicken version for Mac? Quicken 2007 is really showing its age, and Quicken Essentials still sucks*. Pick one–doesn’t matter which–and make it both good and comprehensive.*
  • While we’re at it, how about a Quicken version for iOS? Something I can sync with my desktop Quicken. Years ago, before the iPhone was originally released, I used a Palm OS-based smartphone and just loved the Pocket Quicken product. Why do I have to abandon the desktop to go mobile? I’m encouraged by the appearance of TurboTax for iPad earlier this year; I’m hoping that a Quicken version is forthcoming. Each year–to be perfectly honest–it gets harder and harder to ignore highly-rated products like iBank, for example, that have both a desktop and iOS version…
  • On the Windows side, putting aside the issue of how very much the mandatory** 3 year update cycle feels like extortion***, what the hell happened in the last three years? Seriously, Quicken 2011 for Windows seems like a great product; it certainly does everything I need to do, and then some. But why does downloading transactions from my bank take on the order of seven (7) times longer that it took in the 2008 product? Criminy! I thought it took Quicken 2011 a long time to start up–I didn’t realize I’d have time to take a nap while it was downloading bank transactions!

Listen, I love your product(s)–I really do. You’ve made great strides with your Quicken Essentials for Mac product; it’s nearly good enough to make me abandon Quicken for Windows (especially now that I’ve upgrade to 2011…), but let’s be honest: the iPhone really did change everything; your Mac offerings will never be complete without an iOS version to sync with.

yeah, in a minute…

* In all fairness, it occurred to me while writing this, several days ago, that I hadn’t checked for updates to Quicken Essentials in probably a year. To my pleasant surprise, there have been several updates since I last checked. As a professional software engineer, I know as well as anyone that these things take time. I applaud Intuit, not only for ditching their existing codebase and starting from scratch, but for maintaining what appears to be a fairly frequent update schedule for this growing and promising product.

I must say that after only a few days of working in parallel with the latest version of Quicken Essentials, it’s quite clear that Quicken Essentials is growing into a very nice product. Don’t get me wrong–there’s a lot of work yet to be done if Quicken Essentials is going to compare favorably with any of the last several Windows versions, but at long last there’s reason to hope!

[We now return you to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress…]

** Mandatory, that is, only if you want to download transactions from your bank…

*** I mean, come on, if your new versions of Quicken for Windows are so great, why aren’t the new features compelling enough to make me want to upgrade? But I digress…

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