Revenge of the Electric Car

New film by the director of ‘Who Killed the Electric Car?’ reviewed at

It’s been five years since Chris Paine’s cult classic documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” ignited a sentiment of lost opportunity and anger at those who would rob a future filled with plug-in cars from consumers.

In that time the car world has fundamentally shifted. Now in the midst of a transformative change, manufacturers are scrambling to find more and more ways to use electricity as a fuel and consumers now have several modern electric cars to choose from.

Yes, a diverse array of forces influenced this change, but with its clear and convincing storyline wrought from a passion to bring electric cars back from the grave, that original film was one of the unarguable catalysts. And now Paine and company are back with “Revenge of the Electric Car,” a triumphant follow-up to the original.

Love the trailer.

Now, I’m the first to say that I have trouble seeing an electric car as my only vehicle, given the current state of the industry. My family too often finds ourselves on the road for 3+ hour trips to want to worry about finding charging stations or to sacrifice the luxury and comfort of a big fat Cadillac crossover.

However, as a commuter car, I personally would love to have a plugin hybrid (I’ve been intrigued by the Chevy Volt for several years now). At this point, the only drawback seems to be the price tag. But, that will likely change… in time. And, given the fact that I actually paid $3.99/gallon for gas just Saturday, who wouldn’t want to enjoy an effective fuel price ~$0.75/gallon to run back and forth to work?

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