Action Comics #1, or, Superman in bluejeans

So I picked up Action Comics #1 yesterday, and gave it a read last night. It was a little strange at first seeing a young man of steel in jeans and work boots (surely, they weren’t steel-toed…), but I must say ‘I liked it… I liked it a lot’.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who really liked it. Tony ‘G-Man’ Guerrero writing at Comic Vine:

This is a new Superman for all of us. Yes there is some inspiration from the original vibe of the series but it is also completely updated for today’s age. Last week’s Justice League took place five years ago. This issue doesn’t specifically say when it takes place but we know it’s before Justice League due to his costume (or lack of). We still have some of the anti-superhero feeling that was present in Justice League. Superman is a hero but not the hero everyone loved from the beginning. This adds a different and welcomed twist to Superman.

Comic Vine gives the issue 5/5 stars.

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