Potliquor and what it tells us about iTunes

For anyone who still doubts the breadth and depth, or value, of iTunes, I present for your consideration the iTunes Artist Page for Potliquor. This small southern rock band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, whose heyday, if you can call it that, was in the early 70s, is now on iTunes. So obscure is this band, many of my Louisiana friends may never have heard of them…

None of their albums (at least as of early 2010) have ever–EVER–been released on CD, and I should know: I had to purchase each of their four original LPs from rare and collectible music dealers, then send them off to a recording/sound studio to have the vinyl albums restored and converted to CD. I got them back, along with the high quality CD transfers, in October, 2010; a year and a half later, 3 of their 4 original LPs are available for digital download on iTunes.

Sadly, missing is their eponymous LP “Potliquor”, with the superb tracks “Right Street / Wrong Direction”, “Red Stick”, “Misery”, “Life Should Be a Laugh”, “Liar” and “Oh So Long”, among others.

But that Potliquor is on iTunes at all is nearly beyond belief.

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