A few random thoughts on shaving and razors

As much as I like my Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Ultra-Turbo Incredi-Glide Performance Pro Series razor, I have to admit that the quantum leap in comfort came with the Mach 3 series. The 5 blade system is decidedly more comfortable than the 3 blade system, but the increase in comfort in moving from 3 to 5 blades is somewhat less than that experienced in moving from 2 to 3 blades.

I know there’s a lot of jokes about the number of blades in men’s razors, and it is pretty funny on the surface. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense, and there is hard science behind it.

It’s the difference between sitting on a chair with a single exposed nail jabbing you in your backside, and lying down on a bed of nails. It’s also the reason that a Boeing 747 has 24 (or 18 on older models) modestly sized tires on it’s landing gear as opposed to only 3 incredibly huge tires.

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