Clint Eastwood Speaks at Republican Convention

I love Clint Eastwood; truly, he is an extremely talented artist. Furthermore, I’m not one of those people who get hung up on the political, or religious, leanings of actors, musicians, etc.

For example, I still see most every Tom Cruise or John Travolta movie even though the most sane parts of Scientography are every bit as bat-shit crazy as Mormon magic underwear, and I still watch damned-near everything that Alec Baldwin appears in even though his politics are just bug-nutty. Alec Baldwin is, by the way, a particularly apt example; I personally don’t know a single Republican who will watch any movie or television show that stars or co-stars Alec Baldwin, despite the fact that by all outward measure he is one of the very finest actors of his generation.

Be that as it may, you have to admit that Clint Eastwood was a bit of an odd choice for the Republican National Convention, no? Not that any of this matters one bit to me, for it has not the slightest bearing on the fact that Clint is an extraordinary actor and director, and a rather talented jazz pianist to boot, but: father of seven (7) children by five (5) women, and married twice (or “only” twice, depending on how you choose to look at it), his first child was born as the result of an adulterous relationship and the child was not acknowledged by Clint until 1996. His second and third children were born to his first wife, from whom he separated while starting a relationship with a married woman who provided Clint with two abortions (which would help explain why an 82 year old man is pro-choice). During the last four years of the fourteen year relationship with the married woman, Clint started another secret affair with yet another woman who bore his fourth and fifth children (in the 1980s), though Clint again refused to acknowledge paternity, this time until 2002. Clint’s sixth child was born to an actress he lived with in the early-mid 1990s, and his seventh child to his second wife, a television news anchor 35 years his junior. He’s on record recently as not giving “a fuck about who wants to get married to anybody else,” and not only is he not a Christian, but he in fact claims no religion whatsoever, though he does profess a certain reverence for nature.

Now, doesn’t that seem like a bit of a strange choice for the self-proclaimed party of “family values”?

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