Foundation Beyond Belief teams with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for Light the Night Walk

I caught team captain Todd Stiefel on the Penn’s Sunday School podcast talking about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and specifically their upcoming Light the Night Walk.

Foundation Beyond Belief is hoping to make a big splash this year by raising over a million dollars, which is an awesome goal. The idea being that atheists, humanists and all other manner of freethinkers already give generously, both monetarily and of themselves, to charitable causes, but they don’t tend to do it collectively as a group. Well, here’s the chance to make a big splash collectively as a group.

Todd also had a great quote on Penn’s show:

You know, that was the most, I think, effective technique that the gay rights movement has used is being “out,” and it’s one of the statistics that’s most correlated to eliminating discrimination is knowing someone who is LGBT. I believe strongly that the same thing is true in the atheist community, if you know an atheist, and you know that we’re decent hard-working people like anybody else, you’re much more likely to drop the stereotypes that we’re evil, immoral, baby-eating bastards.

Check out the links and give what you can or participate if you can.

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