Romney = Akin?

Ok, let’s just recap the events of the last few days.

First, Missouri Representative Todd Akin, running for Senate in that state, made statements to the effect that a woman’s body shuts down when she is legitimately raped and that this prevents pregnancy from occurring.

These statements are patently false, and are so very far from anything remotely resembling reality that one must ask the question: is this mere ignorance, willful ignorance, or plain old-fashioned stupidity?

Of course, as I’ve maintained from the beginning, my personal opinion is that this is a prime example of the Kinsley gaffe. The Kinsley gaffe is named for journalist Michael Kinsley, who said, “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.” I personally believe that Rep. Akin was saying what he truly believes, and what a lot of other ultra-conservative, nay fundamentalist, GOPers also believe; it’s just that no one else is dumb enough to say what they really believe on this issue in public!

In any event, the next thing that happened was that Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan rather quickly, as in within two hours, started “distancing themselves” from Rep. Todd Akin.

Then came news that the GOP would be spending $5 million set aside for Rep. Akin’s race “elsewhere”.

Then, we had news that past and present GOP leaders from Missouri were calling on Rep. Akin to quit the Missouri Senate race.

Then GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney came out and flat told Rep. Akin to accept his colleagues’ counsel and exit the Missouri Senate race.

All of which, was really kind of amazing to me. I mean, is the presidential race really that close that Romney has to personally redress each and every GOP member who sticks his foot in his mouth or makes a Kinsley gaffe, as the case may be?

Then, last night, it all became clear why Romney had such a personal interest in Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, and his statements regarding rape and pregnancy. You see, last night, it came out that in 2007 during his Romney ’08 campaign for president, Mitt Romney not only sought, not only won, but then touted the endorsement of the notorious “rape-doesn’t-cause-pregnancy” doctor himself, Dr. John C. Willke (title links to the original Romney ’08 press release touting the endorsement).

Garance Franke-Ruta writing in The Atlantic:

The Republican presidential candidate hasn’t always avoided those who share Todd Akin’s beliefs.

Mitt Romney distanced himself Monday from embattled Missouri Rep. Todd Akin over the Republican senate candidate’s assertion that “legitimate rape” causes women to “shut down” conception.

“He should understand that his words with regards to rape are not words that I can defend, that we can defend, or that we can defend him,” Romney told WMUR during a campaign swing through New Hampshire.

But this isn’t the first time a member of the Republican Big Tent has asserted this, and in 2007 presidential candidate Mitt Romney sought and won the endorsement of the man who has since the mid-1980s promoted the scientifically baseless idea that rape doesn’t lead to pregnancy, Dr. John C. Willke.

Hailing him as “The Father Of The Pro-Life Movement” and “an important surrogate for Governor Romney’s pro-life and pro-family agenda,” the Romney for President campaign in 2007 welcomed Willke’s endorsement.

So, once again, we’re left asking questions about the veracity and integrity of Mitt Romney, not to mention his true beliefs on this most absurd and patently false matter.

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