A few thoughts on “Voter Photo ID”

I understand the purpose: to help prevent voter fraud; and while reasonable opinions vary as to any supposed secondary or non-stated purpose(s), I don’t feel that reasonable opinions can vary on the importance of eliminating voter fraud.

That being said, you have to admit it seems a little peculiar that you need a Photo ID to vote, but you don’t need a Photo ID to obtain ANY of the “vital records” required to get a Photo ID – not even a passport!

Which naturally raises the question: other than a convenience to the individual person*, what good is a Photo ID? And I’m not just talking about voter fraud here! Heck, ask Kevin Mitnick just how unimaginably easy it is to obtain the birth certificates and social security cards required to get a driver’s license (or passport) in someone else’s name! All it takes is an hour or so online (public library anyone?) and a couple weeks for the snail mail to run.

Basically, all “Voter Photo ID” does is force people who don’t drive to jump through a few hoops.

yeah, in a minute…
* Who wants to carry around their birth certificate, social security card, etc., on a daily basis?
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