A Message for Ron Paul Supporters

RON PAUL SUPPORTERS: Don’t listen to anyone who gives you the bullshit line about how not voting for Romney is the same as voting for Obama. That is fuzzy, childish thinking and is, in fact, known to grown-ups as the “either/or fallacy” (and to educated grown-ups as the fallacy of “false dilemma” or “false dichotomy”).

Of course – and this goes for everyone – if you sincerely believe that Mitt Romney (or Barack Obama) will not only make a great president but is the best possible choice for the job, then by all means vote that way; but remember: A VOTE FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS IS STILL A VOTE FOR EVIL!!!

Gary Johnson:

Be Libertarian with me for one election […] and if, in four years, we as a people decide we don’t like peace, prosperity and freedom, we can always vote tyranny back into office again.


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