Kirby Ferguson: Embracing the remix

TED Talk by Kirby Ferguson.

Great artists steal, except from me!

Excellent talk, except for one inaccuracy: popular myth has it that Apple “stole” the original Mac’s features from Xerox PARC, but the fact of the matter is that Apple purchased “engineering visits” to PARC in exchange for selling Xerox 100k shares of pre-IPO stock for $1mil (or $10/share – On the day of the IPO, the stock opened at $22 and closed at $29, meaning Xerox at least doubled and possibly nearly tripled its money).

Ironically, if Kirby had just done a little more research, he’d have had another great tie in for his theme of the “remix” with the Apple / Xerox PARC story, CREATION MYTH: Xerox PARC, Apple, and the truth about innovation:

Here is the first complicating fact about the Jobs visit. In the legend of Xerox PARC, Jobs stole the personal computer from Xerox. But the striking thing about Jobs’s instructions to Hovey is that he didn’t want to reproduce what he saw at PARC.

(i.e., “remix”).

yeah, in a minute…
Kirby Ferguson is the creator of the four-part Everything is a Remix series, which is very, very good and most definitely worth a watch.
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