What? Tea Party Republicans are Facing Serious Re-election Challenges?

AP Campaign 2012 (@APCampaign) on Twitter:

Tea Party Republicans caught between promises to cut spending and demands of constituents back home: apne.ws/QUHRxk #Election2012

What? Tea Party Republicans are facing serious re-election challenges? Even those who won by double-digit margins just two years ago? Please -– please — take a moment and picture, if you will, the complete and utter lack of surprise that’s on my face, right now!

What to make of this? Well, I’ll tell you: THEY (as a group) DIDN’T KEEP THEIR WORD once they got to Washington! Michael Cloud, writing at the non-partisan Center for Small Government: 1.8% Budget Cut by House Republicans: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, NOT a Boston Tea Party

And what did the 242 House Republican Representatives give the Tea Party Movement – and America?

A 1.8% spending reduction. A $3.6 Trillion federal budget. A $1.4 Trillion deficit.

Wow! Stunning performance Tea Baggers! But you see, that’s what happens when you elect candidates who DON’T HAVE A PROVEN TRACK RECORD.

And why? Because TALK IS CHEAP.

The Republicans and Tea Bagger Republicans love nothing more than to point out how stupid all the Democrats were for believing Obama’s line about “change” four years ago, and yet, you’ve all bought-in to the EXACT SAME LINE — delivered with different wording, of course — from Mitt Romney, and you’re lining up to vote for him, when his ACTUAL TRACK RECORD is shoddy — SHODDY, AT BEST!

Question: Is Mitt Romney a conservative, moderate or liberal? Well, let’s be completely honest for a moment, shall we? The only correct answer is “yes,” unless you also supply the timeframe involved, because he’s been all three — all the while proclaiming himself to be a “conservative Republican.”

I’ll say it again: TALK IS CHEAP people!

But here’s an idea: Elect a man who has a proven track record of making the tough decisions on wasteful spending — Gary “Governor Veto” Johnson.

Gary Johnson was elected the Republican Governor of New Mexico at a time when the state’s voter registration was 2-1 Democrat. He won re-election four years later against an Hispanic opponent in a state that is 40% Hispanic.

During his two terms as Governor, Gary Johnson had no tax increases in six years, shifted Medicaid to managed care, slashed the size of state government, vetoed a record number of wasteful spending bills — 750 in total (more than the other 49 governors combined) and a third of which had been introduced by Republican legislators — and only two — TWO — of his vetoes were overridden. He used his line-item veto power thousands of times, implemented a major road building program, built two new state-of-the-art prisons, and much more, and STILL left the state with a ONE BILLION (with a ‘B’) DOLLAR BUDGET SURPLUS – one of only four states at the time to even have a surplus.

Gary Johnson is the ONLY FISCAL CONSERVATIVE running for president in 2012, and he is the ONLY CANDIDATE who has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of REDUCING SPENDING and BALANCING A BUDGET*.


yeah, in a minute…
*Sure, Mitt Romney will tell you – and truthfully so – that he passed balanced budgets as Governor of Massachusetts, but what he WON’T TELL YOU is that for a Massachusetts Governor, balancing the budget is REQUIRED BY LAW!
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