On the National Debt

At this late stage of the game, if you can’t stand up and lay out in two minutes more than a few VERY SPECIFIC details about precisely what you’d cut in order to balance the budget – a prerequisite for paying off the national debt – and balance it fast, then you have no business being president.

This isn’t rocket science folks; you don’t need three postgraduate degrees in finance and economics to grasp the fundamentals of the budget and national debt! Do you have a checking account? What about a credit card? Are you able to manage them without bankrupting your family? Then congratulations: you understand the fundamentals of the budget and national debt.

Last night, both Romney and Obama made exactly the sort of generic statements regarding what they’d do vis-à-vis the budget and national debt that you’d expect from two men who have not the slightest idea of how to solve the problem. Romney read from the standard Republican script that’s been in circulation for a generation or more (I’ll cut whatever’s necessary; whoa, you don’t have to be THAT specific!). Obama talked about the numerous minor and insignificant cuts he’s taking credit for and then read from the standard Democratic script that’s been in circulation for, well, forever (the rich should pay a greater share than the rest of us).

Lot’s of talk, little if any meaningful substance.

Just in case you hadn’t heard, the national debt is now over 16 TRILLION DOLLARS. But, how much is that really? Well, imagine stacking $100 bills one on top of the other. If you stack 10,000 of them in this manner, you wind up with one million dollars, and a stack that is 43 inches tall and weighs slightly over 22 pounds. You could carry this around in a duffle bag slung over your shoulder, like bank robbers do in the movies! Now, just get together 16 million of those duffel bags and you’ve got the national debt!

Or, you could take all those $100 bills in those 16 million duffel bags and stack them neatly on a football field, from end zone to end zone and sideline to sideline. Of course, you’d need a very, very tall ladder to finish the job, because the whole football field would be covered to a height of over 60 feet!

Speaking of movies, remember the movie Brewster’s Millions with Richard Pryor and John Candy? Pryor’s character, Montgomery Brewster, had to spend $30 million in 30 days in order to inherit $300 million from his previously unknown, deceased, rich uncle. That’s $1 million a day. Well, imagine for a second that you did just that — spent $1 million a day, each and every day, let’s say, since the birth of Jesus. Do you realize that you still wouldn’t have spent anything remotely approaching the national debt? You’d have only spent about $730 billion or about 4.5% of the national debt…

Yet, Obama and Romney think we’re going to pay off that massive amount of cash by getting Warren Buffet and his buddies to kick in a little extra on their 1040s or by cutting off Big Bird’s legs and making some modest improvements in the efficiency of a handful of government agencies!

These men are COMPLETELY and undeniably out of touch with reality.

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