Ohio Senate Puts End to ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill

Associated Press:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The leader of the Ohio Senate put a stop Tuesday to a bill that would have imposed the most stringent restriction on abortions in the nation.

The chamber doesn’t plan to vote on the so-called “heartbeat bill” before the end of the legislative session next month, Republican Senate President Tom Niehaus said, citing concerns the resulting law might have been found to be unconstitutional.

A good decision by the Ohio Senate President, Republican Tom Niehaus, but this is scary, scary shit and yet another example of how “modern conservatives” have dropped all pretense of being anything other than socially conservative (hello? we have a $16.3T national debt and your candidate wasn’t going to balance the budget for a decade…) as well as how these “modern conservatives” want nothing less than to use the government as a tool by which to impose their personal belief system on all Americans – you know, “freedom”.

“I want to continue our focus on jobs and the economy,” Niehaus told reporters. “That’s what people are concerned about.”

Sounds to me like Ohio Senator Niehaus just may be an old-school Reagan/Goldwater Conservative – the kind who actually want fiscal responsibility, smaller government and more freedom. Too bad old-school Conservatives are a dying breed…

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