AP: 12 things to know about the end of the world?

Cute video. Covers several of the major apocalyptic theories (Talk about “just a theory”!!!), as well as a number of previous (and obviously, incorrect) end-of-days predictions.

I truly appreciate that the AP includes in their coverage of the Rapture an important point that most Christians either never knew, or conveniently forget: “The Bible records Jesus telling his Disciples He’d be back for them before their generation passed away.”

Yeah! Jesus told the Disciples that he’d return (to judge the living and the dead, as the Nicene Creed puts it) DURING THEIR LIFETIMES. And, because you can’t convince a “true believer” of anything (even using their own source materials) every generation of Christians — every single one — has included a group who were convinced that the end-of-days was near — every generation for nearly 2000 years.

Now, I’m not saying that the Rapture isn’t right around the corner, and I’m not saying that people shouldn’t believe anything they want; I just find it incredibly interesting. And of course, I’m not “holding my breath”…

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