Using the Samsung ML-1740 Printer in Mac OS X 10.8.x “Mountain Lion”

Well, my Mac-friendly Epson color printer went down, and pressed to print some things for my son, I was forced to go to my backup printer, an old Samsung ML-1740 laser printer.

The ML-1740 truly was never intended to be a Mac printer. Even when I first bought the thing, it was apparent that Mac support was an afterthought by Samsung. I had to search to find drivers, and could only find them on an overseas Samsung support site.

When setting the printer back up this morning, I tried to run that installer that I’d downloaded several years ago, and was told that “Power-PC applications” can no longer be run, obviously. But, it gives you an idea of how old this printer is!

So, I started searching, and behold I found the solution at MacRumors forums, from July 21, 2011. The first thing I noticed was the date: July 21, 2011. That was the day after OS X 10.7 “Lion” was released, and the thread went back several months, so likely these users were dealing with OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”. I decided to give it a try anyway; heck, there was a chance that the poster of the solution was using Lion, and if it worked on Lion, it would likely work on Mountain Lion.

Long story short, just follow the instructions, making sure to install the software in the proper order, reboot and bam: there’s the ML-1740 sitting in System Preferences -> Print & Scan, ready to go.

After that, everything printed as it had several years ago.

Hopefully, there’s no one else out there forced to use the ML-1740, but if so, I hope this helps.

Now, if I could only find a way to make this dinosaur support “AirPrint”!!!

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