David Lee Roth: Always, at any given time, have a song that you’re listening to over and over again

Always at any given time have a song that you’re listening to over and over again. It can be brand new – it can be the latest Keisha single – it can be an old Stones song that you just rediscovered – hey, “Tumbling Dice” – I’ve been listening to it for the last two weeks, I listened to it thirty-eight times in the last two weeks. Maybe it’s that, maybe it’s country, maybe it’s blues, but always at any given time have one song – and you’ll get tired of it after two weeks, two months, whatever the case may be – but just drill it, repetition, over and over. Put it on repeat when you get into the shower so you hear it eighteen times, you follow? Play it in the car, over and over and over; when you’re working play it in the background over and over and over again. Twenty, thirty, forty summers from now, when you play that song again, you will feel – physically – just like you do right this very instant that I’m describing to you, and if you have one of those songs – now I’ve got [hundreds] of ‘em, you follow? – you can take ‘em like medicine, man, you follow? It’s like changing the lighting – it’s like, you just go there; and you won’t just depend on your memory […] it’s time travel.

— David Lee Roth, interviewed by Jay Mohr on the Mohr Stories podcast, April 15, 2013

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