Guy Branum’s No More Mr. Nice Gay

Guy Branum, “No More Mr. Nice Gay” on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, 11/12/2013:

It’s not about trying to hurt Orson Scott Card’s business, it’s about gay people remembering that we don’t have to accept disrespect. Think about it this way: do you know that place in your town that makes amazing sandwiches and you have to wait in line for like twenty minutes because Anthony Bourdain did a segment about it in 2008? Well imagine you go to that place with all your friends, they all get delicious sandwiches, but on your order the cook adds just a little tiny dollop of shit. You’d wonder why everyone else got the Bourdain but you have to have the dookie special. So you try to enjoy your sandwich just like everybody else, but each time you go back you still get a little bit of butt guacamole. You might start to think there was something about you that made that kind of blatant disrespect reasonable; you might think you deserved it. You would stop going – not because you’re trying to hurt their business, not because you’re trying to make a grand political point, but because you are tired of eating shit sandwiches. Orson Scott Card, you wrote about the future, but your ideas are stuck in the past, and at this point a world where it’s OK to hate gays isn’t science fiction – it’s history.

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