Penn on Daylight Savings Time

I couldn’t agree more with Penn’s conclusion:

Now, I meet people, you know this, I have met people–Matt Donnelly–who believe in Chiropractors. I have met people who believe in circumcision. I have met people, I have met them personally, who are anti-vaccination. I have met people that believe in a supreme being–omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent–who cares if they touch their dick, I have met people like that. I have met people who believe in a virgin birth. I have met raelians–RAELIANS–who believe that we’re all cloned and there should be genius democracy and shit like that, I have met them. I have met people who believe in UFOs. I have met people who, who, see bigfoot. I have met, I HAVEN’T MET ONE MOTHERFUCKER WHO LIKES DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME–NOT ONE PERSON. FIFTY-NINE YEARS ON THIS PLANET, NOT ONE PERSON SAID, “hey man, calm down, daylight savings time is cool.” I haven’t met one person who said that, not one person. Not one. I have met people that think that the twin towers fell faster than gravity, I’ve met those people. I have met those, oh, faster than gravity, I have met ‘faster than gravity’ people. It’s possible I’ve met flat-Earth motherfuckers. I’ve met people–Joe Rogan, I’m talking to you–who think maybe we didn’t go to the Moon, it was all a hoax. I have met those people. I’ve met people who think ‘Raging Bull’ is a good fucking movie. I have met those people, I have seen them and talked with them, sat across from them, BROKEN BREAD with these motherfuckers. I have met people who say, “oh, uh, I don’t like breast jobs, I want them natural, they just” AW, FUCK YOU! I have met those people, I have met them one-on-one and talked with them. I HAVE NOT MET–EVER–ONE MOTHERFUCKER WHO SAYS “DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME: GOOD IDEA.” AND YET, I LAY IN BED (my sleep number bed which we’ll get to later), I LAY IN BED LAST NIGHT, 2AM like a normal human being trying to read a little bit, trying to go–and 1:59, 3:00, IT JUST DOES IT. FUCK—AHHHHH!!! MY IPHONE, ON IT’S OWN, JUST SKIPS AN HOUR. OK, WE’LL COWTOW. YOU KNOW WHY, you know why we have daylight savings time? ‘Cause the government, the fucking government, you know, THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT says “let’s pick something that no one in the country wants and make them do it.”
–Penn Jillette, Penn’s Sunday School, “Fucking Daylight Fucking Saving Fucking Time”, March 9, 2014.

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