The Big Bang Theory: Star Wars Machete Order

Raj: “You know, I, I heard this way of watching the movies called the machete order where you watch Episodes IV and V, then skip Episode I, watch II and III as a flashback, and then finish with VI.”

Howard: “Ok, so you’d lose most of Jar-Jar, all the trade route talk and the boring senate hearings, which are like watching C-SPAN with monsters.”

—The Big Bang Theory, “The Proton Transmogrification’, S7E22, May 1, 2014.

One of the things I really like about this show: the machete order is REAL. And, it should go without saying, if you haven’t watched the Star Wars saga this way you really should. I prefer the machete sequence even to Mike Nichols’ excellent “Phantom Edit” and “Attack of the Phantom” re-edits of Episodes I and II. The machete sequence, while sounding a bit radical at first, really has many advantages–read the article for a full explanation of the originator’s reasoning.

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