Donald Trump: The “I” of any storm

Dave Pell nails it at NextDraft:

President Trump doesn’t get to be graded on a curve. The Texas visit was a complete failure. No mention of the victims. No empathy for the survivors. More silly asides about crowd size and cable-TV fame. Once again, Trump proved that he will always be the “I” of the storm. Houston and Texas (and NextDraft readers in the path of the storm) deserved better remarks from their president. So I wrote them myself: A Real President Addresses Texas.

David Axlerod at also nails it, “It’s Not Always About You Mr. President”:

Startlingly, he did not utter one syllable about those who have lost their lives, their homes or businesses in the floods that are still swelling over southeast Texas, overwhelming the heroic first responders and volunteers who are straining to meet its demands. He had no solace for the tens of thousands of evacuees, some of whom were separated from their families in the storm and are now warehoused in arenas, left to wonder what comes next.

Donald Trump swept into Corpus Christi on Air Force One. Never missing an opportunity to sell, he alighted with his trademarked USA cap atop his thatched dome. It was clear he had come to take a bow, not to offer sympathy for the victims or hope to the dispossessed.

Trump is such a fucking narcissist: “Well, enough about me—let’s talk about you.  What do you think about me?”

Twitter also had this to say, and this.

And, if that weren’t enough, an avalanche of conservatives attempting to engage in their go-to move, moral equivalence, apparently just forgot that Obama wasn’t President during Katrina, like this and this.

Are we “great” again yet?

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