Fuck Facebook: I’m dumping ’em

It’s official: I’m dumping Facebook (a.k.a. Facefuck).

What started out as a fun place to connect with actual friends online, has become a swirling storm of shit, wrapped in Mark Zuckerberg’s lies (he has, after all, been “apologizing” for online privacy problems since before there even was a Facebook…). And let’s not forget that Mark Zuckerberg think’s we’re all “dumb fucks” to begin with. I’m finished.

Of course, because many of my friends and family members only contact me via Facefuck, I decided to keep the account and delete all my content. If you’d also like to dump Facebook, there are a variety of good guides out there, I personally used the guides from AppleInsider and iMore.

If you’d rather just go ahead and permanently delete your Facebook account, then I’d still suggest the guide from AppleInsider as well as Mashable.

Regardless of which method you choose, or whether you dump Facefuck at all, you should absolutely download all the data Facebook has collected about you and review it carefully (especially the “Information About You / Ads” sections). It’s a real “eye opener.”

Good luck.

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