1 in 4 Americans have deleted Facebook

Business Insider:

A new study suggests that Facebook’s business has suffered from the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal earlier this year.

In May and June, the Pew Research Center surveyed over 4,500 American adults, and found that a lot of them are taking action to reduce their Facebook usage.

Some eye-popping stats from the study:

  • 54% have adjusted their privacy settings.

  • 42% have taken a break from checking Facebook for several weeks or more.

  • 26% have deleted the app from their phone.

I see I’m not alone. I deleted Facebook earlier this year, and yes, at first it was a bit difficult not checking my phone several times a day to see what was going on on Facebook, but after a few days, I just didn’t miss it at all, and after a few weeks I realized that I was just a happier person. Fuck Facebook!

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