Kavanaugh Lied to the Judiciary Committee—Repeatedly

Thursday’s hearing didn’t prove whether Kavanaugh assaulted Ford. But we do know the Supreme Court nominee wasn’t honest in his testimony.

William Saletan at Slate:

Maybe Kavanaugh is an honest man in other contexts. Maybe he’s a good husband, a loving dad, and an inspiring coach. And maybe there’s no way to be certain that he assaulted Ford. But one thing is certain: He lied repeatedly to the Judiciary Committee on Thursday. Some of his lies, about the testimony of witnesses and the integrity of investigations, go to the heart of our system of justice. Any senator who votes to put this man on the Supreme Court is saying that such lies don’t matter.

Hear, hear.

Just shameful. To think that a man being considered for appointment to the highest court in the land would be so deceptive and contradictory in his testimony, not to mention the rank paritisanship he displayed by answering the questions of Republican senators directly while talking in circles in response to the questions of Democratic senators in hope of running out their clock without answering their questions, is beyond the pale.

That was, simply put, not the way an innocent man protests his innocence.

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