Measles Case Confirmed in Tennessee, Risk Grows

The Lebanon Democrat:

Dr. Tim Jones, the state’s epidemiologist, said even with just one known measles case, the Tennessee Health Department is taking a proactive approach to curtail the spread of the highly contagious, airborne disease.

“So far, we’ve only identified one case,” he said. “I will say that I will be shocked if we don’t see more. “Measles is one of the most contagious diseases that we deal with. Personally, I’m almost certain we will see additional cases fairly soon.” People recently infected with measles may not show symptoms, but still can transmit the virus for nearly a week before a rash appears on the face and body.

People, for fuck’s sake: vaccinate your children.

Let me say that again: VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN.

There is NO LINK — WHAT-SO-FUCKING-EVER — between vaccines and autism. Period. End of story. 20+ years of studies have found nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. No connection.

My wife and I vaccinated both of our children with each vaccine recommended, and on the schedule recommended, by our pediatrician, so I’m not suggesting anyone else do something I haven’t done myself.

Now, I actually had the measles as a child forty years ago, before there was a vaccine for it, and I can tell you from personal experience that, even without the prospect of your child DYING from a very preventable disease which was declared “erradicated” in the United States nearly TWO DECADES AGO, you simply don’t want anyone you love to contract it. I wouldn’t wish the measles on anyone — not anyone.

Go on, vaccinate your kids, and not just against the measles.

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