Reason Roundup: White House Seeks Social Media Sob Stories from Conservative Snowflakes

Elizabeth Nolan Brown at

Was someone mean to you on Twitter? The White House wants to know about it. As of Wednesday, a new tool on the White House website allows visitors to report suspected “political bias” from social media companies. “Too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear ‘violations’ of user policies,” the site says.


The White House is portraying the initiative as an effort to defend free speech.

Its tempting to merely laugh at this sort of absurdity, to gawk at the blubbering fools who spent years ranting about easily-triggered liberal “snowflakes” only to literally make it a federal matter when their Facebook account gets suspended. And sure, the self-owning MAGAservative chorus of “No one liked my tweet, I must be shadowbanned!” is a special delicacy.


The saddest part is that so many Republicans are proving themselves willing to go along with it, out of ignorance or convenience or both. They’ll throw away the whole open internet, their own First Amendment freedoms, and everyone else’s because, by golly, they want those anti-speech snowflakes on the left to see conservatives’ sick AOC memes in their timelines one way or other.

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