Trump: Wag, wag, wag…

CONRAD BREAN: “Who’s got the story?”

AMES: “Wait, don’t you want to know if it’s true?”

CONRAD: “What difference does it make if it’s true? It’s a story and if it breaks they’re gonna have to run with it. How long we got ’till it breaks?”

AMES: “Front page, Washington Post tomorrow.”

CONRAD: “Uh, well, yeah, now that’s not good. Ok. Where is he?”

LEVY: “China.”

CONRAD: “He’s in China. Ok. When is he due back?”

LEVY: “Well, they’re set to leave, uh, pretty soon.”

CONRAD: “Uh, yeah, well, alright he stays on the ground in China, at least another day.”

CAIN: “Why?”

CONRAD: “You the Press Office?”

CAIN: “Yes.”

CONRAD: “Earn your money. He’s ill—the plane is sick.”

AMES: “When do we bring him back?”

CONRAD: “I’m gonna need a day, at least a day. He’s sick: get that out right now. Get him on the phone and tell the jackals how sick he is. We gotta get that out before the story breaks so we aren’t caught ‘responding’ to it. Issue it as a bulletin, he’s got some rare strain…”

AMES: “It won’t hold.”

CONRAD: “I need a day, I need some running time.”

AMES: “It won’t even hold a day, Connie.”

CONRAD: “Yes it will. You know why? I’ll tell you why: why is the President in China?”

LEVY: “Uh, trade relations.”

CONRAD: “You’re goddamned right, and it’s got nothing to do with the B-3 bomber.”

LEVY: “There is no B-3 bomber.”

CONRAD: “I just said that. There is no B-3 bomber, and I don’t know why these rumors get started.”

—Wag the Dog (1997) @ 4:28.

CONRAD: “Whoever’s leaking that stuff to that geek at the Post let’s it slip:

’Geez, I hope this won’t screw up the B-3 program.’

’What B-3 program, and why should it screw it up?’

’Well, if the President decided to deploy the B-3 before it’s fully tested…’

’Deploy the B-3 before it’s fully tested?’



’Why? The Crisis.’”

AMES: “What Crisis?”

CONRAD: “Well, I’m workin’ on that.”

—Wag the Dog (1997) @ 6:44.

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