A New Report on Family Separations Shows the Depths of Trump’s Negligence

Jonathan Blitzer, in The New Yorker:

Last week, on the afternoon before Thanksgiving, the D.H.S. Inspector General quietly issued another report with still more revelations. In early May, 2018, just as the zero-tolerance policy was taking effect, D.H.S. shared an estimate with the White House that more than twenty-six thousand migrant children would be separated from their families over the course of that summer. In other words, the Trump Administration had a clear sense of the magnitude of what it was undertaking, according to the report, but it simultaneously neglected to make even the most basic preparations to keep track of the separated families. By then, there had already been repeated warnings from inside the government that the policy would be disastrous, all of which the department’s leadership chose to ignore. “There was a widespread view at Customs and Border Protection that these families had been gaming the system,” a D.H.S. official told me. “People were pretty happy about these plans. All this stuff was happening fast, and there was an emphasis on standing up the policy quickly, not on standing it up well.”

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