More Bullshit Hypocrisy from the So-called Conservative Crowd

We all know that when a business owner refuses to bake a cake for a gay couple, citing his or her “beliefs”, that the so-called conservative crowd rallies to the business owner’s defense. “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

However, now that business owner’s are refusing service to anyone not wearing a mask, the hypocritical so-called conservative crowd isn’t rallying to their defense citing the business owners’ right to “refuse service to anyone” — no, the hypocritical so-called conservative crowd is saying just the opposite, that you can’t just deny service to anyone for a bullshit reason, and screaming “discrimination!”1

As I’ve written before, actual conservatives — you know, the kind of people who actually practice Conservatism, as opposed to these fucking fakers — know all too well that the bedrock of American Conservatism has always been good character — unquestionable, impeccable character2.

Actual conservatives also know that cornerstones of American Conservatism have always been, and continue to be: maximizing individual freedom, limiting government, financial responsibility, and free markets, all of which appear to be kryptonite to today’s so-called conservative crowd.

Fuck these fakers.

yeah, in a minute…

1 Providing evidence that today’s hypocritical so-called conservative crowd in fact have no fucking clue what discrimination is.

2 So, what is character? Character is the habitual pattern of thoughts, actions, words and feelings that a person displays over time. Someone with good character understands that they should make good choices and they always endeavor to do just that.

Making good choices means making choices that adhere to behavior that is commonly accepted as “good”, like being honest, responsible, fair, caring and respectful, as opposed to choices that adhere to behavior that is commonly accepted as “bad” or “wrong”, such as lying, cheating, stealing, being deceptive, hurtful, or disrespectful. A person with good character shows over time that they almost always do make good choices.

Of course, everyone makes mistakes, and making a mistake does not mean you lack good character. But a person with good character not only learns from their mistakes, but actively tries to minimize future mistakes. And most importantly, when a person with good character makes a mistake, they take responsibility for it.

A person with good character will make good choices even when it’s challenging or downright hard to do so, and even when no one but themselves will ever know.

I’ve always tought my children a helpful shorthand: good character is doing the right thing, even when no one will ever know if you do the wrong thing. And, if that sounds like a pretty fair, or even pretty close, definition of “values” or “morality”, well, you’re not mistaken.

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