FoxNews: The saddest, most outrageous moment of the president’s 2020 campaign

Judith Miller, Fox News contributer, and Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter:

Never during his four-year term in office did a majority of Americans approve of him. And his Grand Old Party achieved this despite the still soaring COVID-19 pandemic, which Trump has continued claiming would “mysteriously disappear,” but which has cost the nation almost 230,000 lives so far and an estimated $16 trillion, or some $125,000 per household.

Kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Trump has never — NEVER — had a positive approval rating.

Yet again, Trump accused Democrats — calling them a “sad group of people” — of trying to steal the election, saying he wanted “all voting to stop,” which of course it had by the time he spoke.

What Trump really meant was that he wanted the courts to help him exclude millions of valid mail-in and early votes from the Midwestern and other battleground states where the winner of the presidential race remained undetermined, but which seem likely to go to for former Vice President Biden.

What is telling is that Trump supporters in Arizona are yelling “Count the vote” simultaneus with Trump supporters in Georgia and elsewhere yelling “Stop the count.” Of course, hypocrisy is par for the course for Comrade Trumpski (pun intended).

There is an obvious contradiction between the president’s fraudulent claim of victory and his demand to throw out ballots that might award the victory he claims to Biden. Despite his bravado and exaggerated assertions of triumph in state races that state officials have yet to declare, Trump’s appearance smacked of desperation and of fear that he might actually lose to Biden.

Well, if he realizes that he’ll lose to Biden, then he’s not quite as dumb as he always seems…

“Winners” don’t seek to suppress and disqualify ballots; they want every vote to be counted, confident that they will win.

Good point.

But what the election has not yet sparked, for those who care about law and order, is the widely anticipated violence that so many feared. So far, Americans have exhibited restraint and patience with the pace of the ballot counting.

As you would expect.

The slow counting of votes and state rules to include ballots that reach officials even days after the election are not evidence of voter fraud. It is how Americans traditionally elect local, state, and national officials. It is, as Biden called it Wednesday, evidence that “democracy is the heartbeat of this nation.” It should be celebrated.

Rational thought coming out of Faux News is refreshing, to say the least. Of course, the author, Judith Miller, used to be a reporter for the paper of record, the New York Times, so, no stranger to rational thought is she.

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