Libertarians Who Opposed Trump

Elizabeth Nolan Brown writing the Reason Roundup:

Libertarians who were less than 100 percent psyched about a Trump win this year have been taking gruff from some right-of-center types, who suggest anyone who didn’t help secure Trump a second term must intrinsically support Biden, or at least has no right to complain about anything Biden does.

But libertarians who opposed Trump did so precisely because he deviated from limited government and classical principles in significant ways, whether we’re talking free markets, free expression and other civil liberties, or foreign policy. Refusing to vote for Trump wasn’t a vote for big, overzealous, and unaccountable government; it was a vote against Trump’s version of it.

Precisely. As I’ve said numerous times before, Comrade Trumpski is not a conservative — he’s a lifelong Democrat, and with the exception of appointing conservative judges, he has governed just like the lifelong Democrat he is: trillion dollar deficits, trade wars, expanding the federal government, and he’s certainly no friend to individual freedom.

Few libertarians harbor any delusions that a Biden administration will be good for liberty and limited government. Everyone knows we’ll have our work cut out for us as watchdogs and non-partisan analysts of government shenanigans—undoubtedly more than during the past four years. A lot of journalists eager to point out Trump’s flaws and question federal law enforcement authorities during his tenure will, under Biden, suddenly rediscover the joys of regurgitating government press releases and calling it a day. A lot of people will assume good motives, and will assume that a good motive means good policy.

It’s going to be…well, basically, the Obama years all over again. Which won’t be very pleasant, but also won’t be new. This is a thing we recognize. This is a thing we know how to fight.


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