Chappelle on Saving America from Itself

Recently rewatched some Dave Chappelle standup.

Dave Chappelle, Sticks and Stones (2019) at 40:39:

I’ve given this a lot of thought. I don’t see any peaceful way to disarm America’s whites.

There’s only one thing that’s gonna save this country from itself – the same thing that always saves this country from itself. And that is, the African-Americans. That’s right.

And I know the question that a lot of y’all have in your minds is, ‘should we do it?’ Yeah, fuck yeah we should do it. Listen, no matter what they say or how they make you feel, remember, this is your country too. It is incumbent upon us to save our country. And you know what we have to do – this is a fucking election year, we gotta be serious.

Every able-bodied African-American must register… for a legal firearm. That’s the only way they’ll change the law.

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