Tennessee underreported COVID-19 hospitalizations

Brett Kelman writing for The Tennessean:

The coronavirus hospitalized about 5,100 more Tennesseans than previously reported over the past 14 months — an increase of more than 20% over prior totals — according to newly backfilled data from the state department of health.

Hospitalizations were underreported by anywhere from one patient to dozens on nearly every day since the start of last summer, according to the new data. The largest share of the unreported hospitalizations occurred during the winter surge.

“an increate of more than 20%” — just let that sink in for a moment.

Sadly, there’s really no surprise here. I’ve been following Tennessee’s numbers from the very beginning and it’s been hard to believe that they were reporting correctly when compared to national average numbers. I mean, the average Tennessean is neither smarter nor more educated than national average, they aren’t and haven’t been wearing masks to greater percentages than the national average, and they certainly aren’t getting vaccinated anywhere near the national average. You do the math.

I’d venture a guess that “hospitalizations” aren’t the only COVID-19 numbers that Tennessee has been under reporting…

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