Will Smith shows true colors, hypocrisy at Academy Awards

I suppose congratulation are in order for Will Smith — not for the Oscar® he so clearly deserves for his amazing portrayal of Richard Williams in the 2021 film King Richard, but for his recent admission to the Joke Police, a subsidiary of the Thought Police.

You’ve all seen the clip. Rock makes the G.I. Jane 2 joke*. The camera cuts to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith — notably, Will Smith is laughing and Jada Piinkett Smith is smiling, though her smile rather quickly turns to a cringe, while Will just keeps on laughing. The camera cuts back to Rock.

It’s at this point that Will Smith must have realized that he’s on national television and has a unique opportunity.

What a hypocrite! Laugh, laugh, laugh, oh wait!

Not to mention the fact that if anyone — anyone — were to decide to raise the flag of censorship and waive it high of his head, the last person you’d think would make that decision is an “artist”. A term that Will Smith undoubtedly applies to himself.

It’s a sad day.

yeah, in a minute…
* “Jada, I love ya, *G.I. Jane 2* can’t wait to see it. aight?”
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