No one should get used to their rights

Mary Ziegler writing at The Atlantic, “If the Supreme Court Can Reverse Roe, It Can Reverse Anything”:

If this decision signals anything bigger than its direct consequences, it is this: No one should get used to their rights. Predicting with certainty which ones, if any, will go, or when, is impossible. But Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is a stark reminder that this can happen. Rights can vanish. The majority wants us to think otherwise.


But until recently, there were limits on what the Court would do. Historically, the justices seemed reluctant to do anything too radical, lest they cause a backlash that damaged the power and prestige of the institution.

One might have expected any such guardrails to be particularly effective at protecting Roe, the best-known of any Supreme Court decision, and one that many Americans seem to support. The Dobbs decision makes plain that those limits are gone. In their place is a kind of constitutional partisanship, dictated by the interpretive philosophies and political priors of whoever currently has a majority on the Court and nothing more.

Judicial activism, plain and simple. Of course, I doubt you’ll hear any “so-called Conservatives”1 complaining — they only complain about judicial activism when the ruling is one they disagree with… in other words, hypocrisy.

yeah, in a minute…
1 For more on “so-called Conservatives” and what Conservatism actually is, see: On Conservatives and Conservatism.
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