The Attempted Coup of 6 January 2021

For half a century, Republican and “so-called Conservative”1 apologists have been trying to find someting — anything — to minimize Watergate — a shocking and atrocious situation in which the sitting President of the United States conspired — in the Oval Office — to commit a felony, and then further conspired — in the Oval Office — to cover it up. Unfortunately for them, the only event in half a century that even comes close to minimizing the utter disgust of Watergate has been the fucking attempted coup of 6 January 2021.

The information coming out — from the former President’s own people — is utterly damning. It’s impossible to look at this information critically, skeptically, without reaching the undeniable conclusion that the shameful events of 6 January 2021 were, in fact, and attempted coup d’état. Sad.

In the future, the great United States of America will be spoken of like some piss-poor Southern American country where coups happen all the time. What a legacy.

yeah, in a minute…
1 For more on “so-called Conservatives” and what Conservatism actually is, see: On Conservatives and Conservatism.
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