John Lasseter’s Second Act

Rebecca Keegan and Carolyn Giardina reporting at The Hollywood Reporter:

No one could tell a story like Lasseter — until he resigned as Disney Animation/Pixar’s chief creative officer in the wake of #MeToo complaints. Now head of Skydance’s animation division, where he oversaw August’s ‘Luck,’ he’s attempting to turn his own story around.

As a professional software engineer, I’ve been a fan of Pixar Animation Studios since even before I saw the first computer-animated feature film, Toy Story, on the big screen. As such, I truly wish Lasseter had found a path back to Pixar/Disney, but I’ll take what I can.

After Lasseter’s resignation from Disney, Ellison reached out to him through the lawyer they share, Skip Brittenham. Lasseter’s Disney departure occurred in the heat of the #MeToo movement, after egregious and specific revelations about other powerful Hollywood figures like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, and media reports about Lasseter often linked him with those men. In Lasseter’s case, there were no charges of sexual assault, nor, according to Ellison, who hired attorneys to scrutinize the claims, settlements made by Lasseter or on his behalf.

Crucially, I think this is an important aspect of Lasseter’s #MeToo involvment — no charges of sexual assault, and no settlements made by him or on his behalf, “hush-hush” or otherwise.

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