Ring, Google and the Police: What to Know

Ry Crist at CNET: Ring, Google and the Police: What to Know About Emergency Requests for Video Footage — The law lets Ring and Google share user footage with police during emergencies without consent and without warrants. Here’s everything you should know.

As always, the problem here is not the sharing of information with law enforcement. The problem is that users are not given any opportunity to opt-in or opt-out, and in fact, aren’t even notified clearly that this can and does happen. I have several colleagues and family members who use Ring doorbells and other Ring video devices. None of them even knew that this could happen, much less that it does happen, or that there’s nothing they can do about it.

This is precisely why I personally have steered clear of the Ring and Google ecosystems.

Others, most notably Apple, use end-to-end encryption for user video as the default setting, which blocks the company from sharing user video at all.

“HomeKit Secure Video is end-to-end encrypted, meaning even Apple cannot access it,” a company spokesperson said.

This is precisely why I opt for HomeKit Secure Video: because I own the captured video and I alone can decide what to do, or not do, with it.

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