My Family’s Doll Test

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi* writing for The Atlantic:

Regardless of your race, it’s never too early to consider the messages a child is receiving from the world around them. Color blindness is not an option. Research has demonstrated that even at 1 year old, our children notice different skin colors. We can impress upon children the equality of dark and light colors.

As the white grandparent of a biracial or mixed-race grandson, I’m very cognizant of the racial information he’s picking up from toys, books, tv shows, etc., as well as his grandmother and myself! It’s never too soon to start trying to be aware of this.

yeah, in a minute…
* Dr. Kendi is the author of many wonderful books, among which is 2019’s revalatory How to Be an Antiracist which I strongly suggest you read immediately, if you haven’t already.
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