Bad Santa 2

Willie: [to Thurman] Now listen, here’s how it works. She’s gonna pull her rig off and she’s gonna get on all-fours. Then you stand behind her and drop your rig. Now you’re gonna see somethin’ that looks like some kind of Japanese food – it ain’t, so don’t eat it – that’s the bullseye. Then you just start tuggin’ on your little soldier, wait ’till he gets to attention, then poke him in there. Keep pokin’ it in there ’till he spits up. Now you’re gonna need a raincoat – she’ll have one so don’t worry about that. Soon as you’re done, run to the bathroom, wash your crotch. That way you don’t wake up wondering why you got oatmeal in your carpet. Breathe through your mouth so’s you don’t puke. Shouldn’t be a problem for you. You got it?

— Billy Bob Thornton as Willie and Brett Kelly as The Kid, Bad Santa 2 (2016]

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