Ivory for Mastodon by Tapbots

As many of you already know, a couple weeks ago Elon Musk pulled a really shitty move, and locked out 3rd party Twitter clients with no notice whatsoever. Well, that sucks, because my Twitter client of choice was TweetBot, and I loved it — I’ve been using TweetBot since it’s initial release in 2011.

Of course this sucks for all the independent developers who have created interesting Twitter clients, but it also sucks for us users, because, well, the “official” Twitter app for iOS really sucks balls, and it has sucked to some degree ever since Twitter acquired it from Tweetie back in 2010 and started changing things (Tweetie was a nice app).

So, this incredibly shitty situation has led to a number of independent developers retiring their Twitter clients, TweetBot among them. This has caused me to, basically, quit Twitter, the way I quit Facebook back in 2015 for different reasons1. So what to do now?

Well, I’ve decided to join Mastodon, and I’ve been experimenting with the available iOS and macOS clients. There are some interesting apps available, but none gave me the user experience I was hoping for.

The silver lining is that this shitty Twitter situation has caused Tapbots to fast-track the release of their Mastodon client, Ivory for Mastodon. Ivory is now available as an “early access” app on the App Store. Now, understand, Tapbots has done with Ivory what Apple is famous for doing with it’s products: release a minimally viable product, and constantly interate for improvement.

For my money (and I subscribed to Ivory’s Premier tier immediately upon initial launch of the app) Ivory is the best of what’s available. And, if you were a TweetBot user, then it’s a no-brainer.

Check it out!

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1 I quit Facebook when I realized that it was just a horrible, horrible platform that made my life worse, not better.
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