My votes for best Super Bowl LVII commercials

Okay, so I watched a couple of YouTube videos to remind myself of the commercials we all saw last night, and the following are my favorites:

  1. Popcorners (Breaking Bad)
  2. Workday (You’re a rock star)
  3. Avocados from Mexico (Adam and Eve)
  4. Planter’s Peanuts (Roast of Mr. Peanut)
  5. Crown Royal (Dave Grohl / Thank you Canada)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Pepsi (Steve Martin / Ben Stiller)
  • Squarespace (Adam Driver / Website that makes websites)
  • Hellman’s (Brie and Hamm)
  • Busch Light (The Busch Guide “Shelter” with Sarah McLachlan)

Bonus Credit: The YouTube videos linked above both show their own commercials…

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