The Q-Dropped Podcast: Stories of Families Ripped Apart by Qanon

I’ve only recently discovered this podcast, and it is excellent! Hosted by the Godless Mom Courtney Heard (Follow her on Mastodon), the show is touching, and at times poignant.

The Q-Dropped podcast is a show dedicated to telling the stories of families that have been torn apart by the Qanon cult and Qanon-adjacent ideas. Most of us know someone who has been affected by the deeply concerning beliefs of Qanon adherents. Many of us have had rifts form between us and people we care about. Unfortunately, however, not many of us are talking about the toll Qanon is having on average, everyday families in countries all over the world. This podcast aims to raise awareness about this issue by telling the stories of people who have lost someone they care about to Qanon.

Well worth a listen. Check it out.

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