Trump Visits East Palestine, Conveniently Forgets Own Record

That’s right folks, the Orange Moron himself visited East Palestine, Ohio yesterday to donate pallets of Trump-branded water to residents. Haven’t these people suffered enough? I mean, you fucking know that this Trump-branded water is the cheapest shit that the guy could possibly find, and probably tastes like shit to boot.

And lest anyone be fooled by his professed concern, let’s just remember that he rolled back significant regulations concerning railroad safety and hazardous chemicals! Not to mention the fact that he absolutely slashed environmental protections.

Most notably, he rescinded a 2015 proposal (as in, Obama-era) to require faster brakes on trains that were carrying highly flammable or hazardous materials. Trump’s Department of Transportation justified the rollback with a 2018 analysis arguing the cost of requiring such brakes would be “significantly higher” than the expected benefits of the update.

Ah yes, it always comes down to money, doesn’t it?* “Sorry you can’t fucking breath folks, but I wanted to spare the railroad from having to install better brakes.”

How do you think the residents of East Palestine feel about the “benefits” of faster brakes on trains carrying hazardous materials?

What a fucking guy.

yeah, in a minute…
* Reminds me of the wisdom on not installing seat belts on school buses due to the expense, which of course is less than $50 per seat. What kind of parent is so concerned about their property taxes that they aren’t willing to have their city or county school system spend $50 on their child’s safety?
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