It’s not rude, it’s the Zipper Merge

Ars Technica, a few years back:

Which lane should a driver pick in this scenario? Steer to the left as soon as you see a closure notice and you’ll almost certainly go slower; stay in the right and you’ll catch stink-eye, honks, and even swerving drivers. Everyone is upset that you’re about to essentially cut in line—an act that will require a tense, last-minute merge of your own.

Most driving schools and transportation departments in the United States don’t instruct drivers on how to handle this situation or whether they must merge within a certain mileage, leaving this kind of merge up to the grace of your fellow, angry commuters. This week, however, Washington state joined Minnesota in sending a clear message to drivers: merge rudely. It’s actually faster and safer. (emphasis added)

Zipper merge people. Zipper merge. In light of the fatal car crash that closed I-40 this morning, there were two lanes backed up over a mile, but my delay was less than five minutes… e capisce? Of course, I friggin’ love that almost no one else embraces the zipper merge!


Spotted at the grocery store… wow! #film #camera


“Sick deck, brah. Although if it was me, I’d double up on the grip tape on my topsheet so I don’t slam when I go sketchy on a nose grind.” — John Oliver, Last Week Tonight 4/22/2018




“Not all my friends are atheists, but all my friends can take a joke.” — Penn Jillette, Presto! (Simon & Schuster, 2016) p.196.


Farewell, AirPort… dammit!


After over a year on life support, Apple’s AirPort base stations are lurching to a final end. AppleInsider is waxing nostalgic about it, and we aren’t very happy.

Nor am I. I have an AirPort Extreme and two AirPort Express “extenders.” Truth be told, I’ve been looking to replace them lately, but I’ve secretly been hoping Apple would start enhancing the AirPort again. Oh well.

I know Apple sells the Linksys Velop mesh WiFi system, but it looks like I’ll be going with the eero Gen2 Pro WiFi System, which seems like a better fit for me.

“No one questions if beef has protein, and yet they probably don’t recall in the same thought that cows eat grass.” —Julieanna Hever & Ray Cronise, Plant-Based Nutrition, 2d.Ed. (DK Publishing, 2018) p.16.


Wall Street Journal: Google collects more data than Facebook, so why aren’t we talking about it? Good question.


Remembering Prince

Two years ago today, we lost Prince.

The New Yorker’s piece from two years ago is still one of the best “memorials”:

Miles Davis, in his autobiography, compared Prince to Duke Ellington; one might be tempted to add Miles himself to that comparison. When we discuss artists so transcendently brilliant and impossibly prolific, their rarities and deep cuts offer profundities that dwarf the entire catalogues of lesser musicians.