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Don’t Talk on Cell Phone While Driving, Just Don’t Do It

Remember folks, talking hands-free on a cell phone while driving is JUST AS DANGEROUS as talking in a cell phone you’re holding while driving. Hands-free is NO SAFER!!! The MythBusters proved it.

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Wasn’t even a Nazi in his youth.

Frank: This thing is kind of mesmerizing since Mr. Judd lit it up. Spike: Oh. See that right– Look at right there, it looks like a burrito. Huh. Doug: Where? Spike: Right– See? It’s moving. Doug: I actually see a face there, kind of. Maybe… Frank: John Paul. Spike: Beatles or Getty? Frank: I see […]

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Why we all need subtitles now

“It’s not you — TV dialogue has gotten harder to hear.” Edward Vega at Vox: Have you ever been watching a show or movie, and then a character delivers a line so unintelligible you have to scramble to find the remote and rewind? For me, this moment came during the climax of the Pete Davidson […]

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People: Those We Lost in 2022

Tough year. Particularly tough for me was Taylor Hawkins. I’ve been a Foo Fighter fan for years and years. In fact, I couldn’t listen to Foo Fighters music from the time I learned of Taylor Hawkins’ death, until the London tribute concert — 5 and a half months. Gone, but not forgotten.

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I don’t know.

E: I have a feeling we’re in the same boat Marshall. You owe a lot? Marshall: This woman– she… follows me everywhere, won’t leave me alone. [waitress brings his drink] Thanks. Waitress: You’re welcome. Marshall: Just… can’t believe this is actually happening. Two days ago, I had a good life, and now I’m being fucked […]

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Slavery By Another Name

“[In the Spring of 1921, John S.] Williams [became] the first Southern white man since 1877 to be indicted for the first degree murder of an African American; it would not happen again until 1966.” — Slavery By Another Name (PBS 2012).   PBS: Slavery by Another Name “resets” our national clock with a singular […]

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R.I.P. Anne Heche

Anne Heche, perhaps best known for her role as Robin Monroe in Six Days, Seven Nights, but also known for her roles in Donnie Brasco, Wag the Dog, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Psycho as well as TV roles in Another World, and Hung, to name but a few of her credits, […]

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The Funniest Fucking Podcast

I like podcasts, and have liked them for a long time. I’ve listened to SModcast since episode 3. I’ve listened to WTF with Marc Maron since episode twenty-something. And, of course, I’ve listened to and/or watched This Week in Tech and MacBreak Weekly forever. My point is, I’m a big podcast fan, and I’ve been […]

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Fax Machines

The only thing fax machines should be used for nowadays is for ending the sentence, ‘Hey, remember fax machines?’ and that is it!” — John Oliver, Last Week Tonight S9E19, 7 August 2022.

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R.I.P. Nichelle Nichols

Mike Barnes reporting for The Hollywood Reporter: Nichelle Nichols, Lieutenant Uhura on ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 89 — The actress earned the admiration of Martin Luther King Jr. by playing a Black authority figure, rare on 1960s television.

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